[Circle Lenses Review] White Mesh

I have a freaking amazing
photo review
from Erika ♥
who is one of our royal customer.
So awesome and creepy!!
She is SPFX makeup artist!
( I did post her review before )
White Mesh Contacts at e-circlelens.com
White Mesh Contacts
"Perfect for Creepy Cosplay"
 BC: 8.7
DIA: 14.2
Water content: 43%
3 Month disposal
Approved by KFDA, CE
0.00~-6.00(0.25step), -6.00~-10.00(0.50step),
No -0.25
White Mesh Contacts at e-circlelens.com
Looking for circle lenses
for your awesome cosplay?
These circle lens
will be the best choice for you. hehe
We your eyes 



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