[Event] Get Circle Lens for Astigmatism (Toric) at 30% Discount

Here is Fun Event ♥
Show! You are kindhearted
By clicking, you can present Great Sale Event!

We prepared Fun Event on May!!
Because we should be full of love on May.
So we would like you to present “Sale Event” to Toric Circle Lens Users.
Circle lens for astigmatism is quite expensive compared with myopia circle lens.
But if you just click “Like it” https://www.facebook.com/ecirclelens,
toric circle lens users are able to purchase them at 30% discount.
- Limited Time to Click: 18 through 24 May
- Goal: 1000 Like it
- Where: Visit https://www.facebook.com/ecirclelens and click "like it" on a post regarding this event. You can find it through the same banner. 
- Sale Event: 30% Discount 25 through 31 May (Of course, only when we accomplish our goal)
Thank you for your kindness and hope you would be full of live on May. =] 
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since 2006
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