[e-circlelens since 2006] New Released Circle Lenses

Hello. =]
I brought new released circle lenses today. hehe
I would like to describe them
as the most attractive & fascinate circle lenses.
When wearing Pop 3 Brown Circle Lenses,
you can become stunningly beautiful vampire.
Like Bella♥
Loot at her breathtaking eye.
Isn't it awesome ?
Only changing your look, you become a totally different one.

Gold Brown is the most beautiful color ever!!!
Look so hot and sexy. lol 
Here is the righr circle lenses for it★
Pop 3 Brown
 BC: 8.6
DIA: 14.0
Graphic DIA: 13.7
Water content: 38%
6 Month disposal
Approved by KFDA, CE
0.00, -0.50, -1.00~-5.00(0.25step),
No -0.25
Pop 3 Brown at e-circlelens.com
Pop 3 Brown at e-circlelens.com
When wearing those circle lenses,
please be careful,
someone would fall in love with your look♥
We your eyes 




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