[Summer fashion item] Mirrored Sunglasses

So hot in Korea.
I can feel it!
It's the right time
to get Mirrored Sunglasses!! Yeahi!! =]
What're they?
Mirrored sunglasses are sunglasses
with a reflective optical coating
(called a mirror coating or flash coating)
on the outside of the lenses
to make them appear like small mirror.
So now let's take a look at them!!!
Green Mirrored Aviator Sungalsses
Aviator sunglasses now became kind of classic.
What about Blue Mirrored Sunglasses?
Look Cool!
Selection of blue mirrored suglasses
with various frame on them.  
Orange mirrored sunglasses and red lips
Best color match for Summer!!!
It's so cute!!
What a awesome round gold purple!!!!!!! x) 
LOVE it!!!
She shows how to wear mirror sunglasses!
She looks so chic!
I dont' think
my whishlist for this summer ends. ahaha
Have a good weekend, dears. ♥


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