♥e-circlelens story♥

Today, I would like to share our story!
As the first Korean circle lenses exporter, we are proud of ourselves.
After deciding to jump into this circle lenses business in 2003,
our journey to search for circle lenses from trusted sources began.

A slogan “we ♡ your eyes” was made by our belief
that all circle lenses must be from a trusted sources. There is no doubt till now.
So we started to look for circle lenses approved by KFDA or CE from the beginning.
Of course, it’s not easy to find. (At that time nobody even thought about exporting circle lenses overseas) Some manufacturers turned us down, since there was nothing we could guarantee.
However we didn’t give up and kept persuading them to do a business with us.
Luckily, we were able to embark upon a business for Japan
and achieved a huge success than we expected.
It served as a steeping-stone for e-circlelens later.
Our journey for your eyes has kept going.  
Walkure’s story
 Walkure circle contacts mean a lot to e-circlelens because they were designed by us.
Truth be told, it’s the first try to design flower and mega pixel circle lenses,
which makes it possible to blend well on every color of eyes.
After Walkure's success, many manufacturers tried to produce the similar circle lenses..
but they failed. Because they couldn't afford to do elaborate works.
Our online circle lens store in Japan exclusively sells Walkure contacts still now.
We just would like for you to remember the meaning and story of Walkure contacts.
e-circlelens story at www.e-circlelens.com
We your eyes 




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