Swimwear: Bikini Recommendation

Today, I will post "Bikini"
But ordering your bikini,
how's your body going? hehe
Me? It's secret! hahahaha
Let's take a loot at my wishbikini together!
 From forever 21
Peekaboo Bikini
You can choose Pink or Black.
The design looks very sporty
but still girl thanks pink!
Peekaboo Bikini at www.forever21.com
Ruffle Bandeau Bikini (Top)
Orange will make you pop on the beatch!
Also, flirty ruffle decorates the sweethearat neckline!
Ruffle Bandeau Bikini (Top) at /www.forever21.com
From H&M
One-shoulder Bikini (Top)
I love all the details,
which are ruffle, flower print and one-shoulder!
One-shoulder Bikini (Top) at www.hm.com
Bikini Top
Wow! look so sexy but adorable!! hehe 
Loot at that knot detail! =]
Bikini Top at www.hm.com
Plain Bikini Top
It's on suumer sale! 
 This summer,
why don't you try bright remon yellow?  
Plain Bikini Top at www.zara.com
Tie Bikini Bottom
It's on summer sale!
If  I wear yellow bikini top above,
the bottom should be marine blue!!
Isn't is too cute!!! =]
Tie Bikini Bottom at www.zara.com
I am so deadly waiting for my summer vacation!!
Only imagining wearing bikini on the beatch,
I can stop smiling on my face!! ahahah


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