Summer Dessert: Patbingsu

How's your summer?
During hot summer,
there is one thing I am not able to give up ever!
That's Patbingsu!!
Patbingsu is korean traditional dessert for Summer.
Patbingsu literally means red beans with ice.
You can think it is a shaved ice dessert
with sweet toppings
such as chopped fruit, condensed milk,
fruit syrup and Adzuki beans.
The original version of Patbingsu.
Even if it looks too simple,
you can taste a sweet harmony of ice & red beans.  
As time goes by,
many kinds of patbingsu have been released
to attract the young.  
This is melon bingsu!!
Isn't is so cute? hehe
Mango and cheese Bingsu!!
It tastes sweet and soft!! 
Teenage girls love it! =]

Green tea bingsu!
I prefer it because I like the bittersweet tastes.
Am I becoming old? ㅠ

Thinking of it,,
when I was a child,
I loved the chocolate bingsu more. haha

Okay, I can not stand anymore!!
I will get going to have patbingsu!!
Have a nice summer, all of you♥


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