Today's blogging is about tattoos!
Because season to expose is coming right here!
Nicole Richie's tattoo on her foot
It's been a long time
since I saw her tattoo.
From now, her tattoo is the best for my mind.
Free download - nicole richie tattoos on her foot
She is very thin!
That might be the reason she looks stylish..
I like her real life look. =]

Ahaha! Do you wanna build a snow man?
It's super cute!!
I prefer this kind of tattoo!
It shows that tattoo can be adorable♥
What about it?
Tattoo in hidden part is fun and attractive!!
All we need is love!
Lettering tattoo is awesome too.
Look at that planet and rocket tattoos!!
They are supper cuteeeee!!!
It's worth it!!!!
Do you like tattoos?
Give me more ideas! hehe


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