[Summer Fashion] Forever 21 Summer Dresses

 Hey, girls.
I would like to share summer dresses
I picked from forever 21
for this summer♥
They always provide clothes
at very affordable prices.
 I am kinda on a budget..thanks forever 21 ㅠㅠ
Let's look around my wishlist of summer dresses. hehe
 Floral Embroidered Mesh Dress
Lately I obsessed with "Embroidered ones"
Look so innocent but sexy. ahaha
Floral Embroidered Mesh Dress at forever21.com
Mesh-Back Skater Dress
Simple & White!
,which is Classic.
With the dresses, you look never fail.
Mesh-Back Skater Dress at forever21.com
You know what is the best part of this dress?
The back is see through ! =]

Mesh-Back Skater Dress at forever21.com
Vivre Graphic Tank Dress
Someone said, it's pretty long.
So I was worried about that a little..
BUT it looks so cool !
Vivre Graphic Tank Dress at forever21.com
Asymmetric Printed Wrap Dress
I love that abstract brushstroke print,
which is making me look feminine ♥
Let's be a lady! hehe
Asymmetric Printed Wrap Dress at forever21.com
Embroidered Peasant Dress
If wearing this dress, I can feel free. =]
Embroidered Peasant Dress at forever21.com
So, what do you think about my wishlist?
Do you like them?
Hope you enjoy ♥


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