Business Trip to Japan :)

  Hey, Girls ♡
How was your weekends? :)
I've returned to Korea from Business Trip to Japan.
On a first day in Japan, it rained.
I like rainind day.
I had no time to have a lunch!
On my way,
I found out a Sweets Store!
That's exactly what I needed !!
Sweets Store
On my second day,
I saw a long line waiting for chou ♡ 
There is no doubt to try it!! Hola!!
Chou at Celi Sweets Factory
In Japan,
I've finally met love of my life Lol!
Super creamy and sweet taste!!
It's the best chou I've ever had!!  
Chou at Celi Sweets Factory
I was told,
They only use organic and fresh ingredients.
Chou at Celi Sweets Factory
If you have a plan to visit to Japan,
you should try CELI known for Chou and Pudding!!  
Like they think their customer's health of the first place, always considers your eyes
as the first priority.
I've had a great time with ours japaness partners
so that could offer
 a better quality of product line.
Please, attention!
We are offering
Drop Shipping Service!
If interested, send an e-mail


We your eyes



  1. One day I want to visit Japan, but first I want to visit Korea! My father used to live there and loved it so much he's inspired me to learn Korean and visit Seoul so I can see where he once lived!

    I love rainy days. Was it too cold? Rain and cold can be so miserable. I suppose when you have sweets it makes it all better ^_^



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