[e-circlelens] Toric Brown

Are you sick and tired of
searching for Toric Contact Lenses?
If so,
Here is the best solution for you!
You can get
exactly what you want 
at e-circlelens.com
So I will tell you 4 toric brown contacts
with DIA 14.0 and 14.2,
since they are most popular among our customers.
 [Toric Brown with DIA 14.0]
Aida Brown Contacts
Best seller: The most natural look
BC 8.6 / Water content 38%
6 Month Disposal
Aida Brown Contacts at e-circlelens.com
Spark Brown Contacts
Shiny and Bright★
BC 8.6 / Water content 38%
6 Month Disposal
Spark Brown Contacts at e-circlelens.com
 [Toric Brown with DIA 14.2] 
Goldblack Choco Contacts
Sweet and lovely eye★
BC 8.6 / Water content 38%
6 Month Disposal 
 Goldblack Choco Contacts at e-circlelens.com
Monet Brown Contacts
Natural enlargement effect ★
BC 8.2-8.4-8.6-8.8 / Water content 38%
1 Year Disposal 
Whatever you have in your prescription,
just  leave any inquiries
on our Q&A board.
We your eyes




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