[Fashion it item] Do you love Piercing ?

Hello, how are you doing?
I am doing good, thanks Lol.
Do you like piercing??
I have started to pierce,
since I went through some hard time
preparing an exam.

I didn't know exact reason
But,, I felt better after piercing. =]

This is a pic of my left ear, hehe
What you think?
I am planing to pierce one more.
Don't worry, nothing happens to me.
Do you have any good ideas of nice part for piercing?
Please leave a message LOl.

Korean entertainers love piercing as well.
So their fans follow their styles. :)
Sometimes I do.. hehe

Due to this one scene,
pearl piercing have come into fashion
among women in Korea.
Some friends of mine got pearl piercing because of  her.

Han Ye Seul, one of famous korean actress, wore
a pearl piercing too.
Isn't she so lovely? I am a huge fan of her!!
I guess, she enjoy piercing
 not only on screen but also in her real lives.

Just one!! Looks simple, shick but feminine.
Maybe thanks to her beautiful face and hair? lol
Shin Min Ah, I believe, she might be the first one
who made piercing become popular among women.
Piercing is a very fashionating item!!
This weekend I will stop by my favorite piercing store
 in Hong-Ick university.

Oh, please don't fotget
to leave good ideas
for my next piercing!!!

Have a lovely day. :)



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