[e-circlelens] Easter Egg Hunt: Find eggs, Get free circle lenses

Hello, dears. :)
For upcoming Easter, why don’t you play a game with e-circlelens?
If you find hidden eggs among our detailed photos on our Web Page,
Get free circle lenses! =]
Rule is very simple & easy!!
First step, find the hidden 20 eggs
among the detailed photos on our Web Page
Second step, send an e-mail at master@e-circlelens.com
with your ID, prescription & a pic to prove it.
According to a first-come-first-served basis,
complimentary circle lenses: 5 People
50% discount: 5 People
 30% discount: 10 People
(would be provided on your order)
We hope you would enjoy our Easter Event we prepared for you.
Let’s go find eggs ♬
We your eyes



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