The Hottest Review of "Joy Blue & Fresh Gray Contact"

Hello, fellows ♡
So cold in Korea,
When will spring be coming..??
On the other hand,
I have some fun and hilarious news 
from Narumi, one of our royal custmers.
She kindly made a review of
Joy Blue & Fresh Gray Contact  
on her youtube !
So awesome and fun !!
Before watching her great reveiw,
Let's take a look
What are Joy Blue & Fresh Gray like?
Joy Blue Contacts
Have an Ocean in your eye
Mysterious & Fantastic Color Variation
(BC:8.6 DIA:14.5) 
We have other colors: Gray, Green, Pink
All is Unique and pretty
Interested? Click the Photo :)
Fresh Gray
Amazing Gray!
(BC:8.6 DIA:14.4)
(Hyperopia available)
Photos are also from one of our customers ♡
All our customer must be beautiful
Fresh Gray Contacts at
Fresh Gray Contacts at
If  you are looking for
peculiar & beautiful color contact,
Fresh Gray & Joy Blue Contact
can fulfill what you want.
 Now, enjoy Narumi's awesome review ♡
We your eyes



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