Review of "Dreamcon Luna Gray Circle Lens"

Hello, Beautiful =)
One of our customer kindly made a review of
Gray Colored Contacts.
As she said in her review
Dreamcon Luna Gray Circle Lens
make your eyes look begger
in a very natural way!!
(Diameter is 14.0mm)

Florence Lee wearing a hat wore it
 to her university ball.
She look so beautiful :)
Luna Gray Contacts at

Natural enlargement effect!!
Luna Gray Contacts at

Luna Gray Contacts

[ Diameter: 14.0mm "Looking larger but still natural"
 Base Curve: 8.6   /   1 Year disposal
Approved by KFDA, CE
0.00 ~ -5.50(0.25step),
-5.50 ~ -10.00(0.50step)
No -0.25 ]

Gray Circle Lens goes well with smoky make-up :)
So I'd like to recommend
you to wear it for a party like her.
Luna Gray Contacts at

Luna Gray Contacts at
Hope her review would help everyone
 who loves circle lens.
Thanks Florence Lee ♡

We your eyes 



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